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Based on many years of agency experience with top notch companies, mainly located in Europe and Asia, we are capable of engaging well experienced consultants, according to the requirements and needs of your business and project objectives.

We strive towards providing high quality solutions and services efficiently so that all our valuable clients can achieve their business goals with a great deal of ease. Our aim is to establish long term relationship with our clients. This is why we have been stressing more on customer satisfaction, a commitment to quality, and exceeding customer expectations.

Our constant drive for excellence starts by employing the right people, to providing superior infrastructure and a rewarding environment to bring out the best deliverables from our team. Based on this foundation and continuous improvement of our business, we have been successful in exceeding customer expectations and we continually display a high level of customer satisfaction.




Ramazan Yildirim is the owner of Upsite Consulting.

He has an MBA degree in International Management and Marketing that is combined with many years of experience in Management & IT Consulting. This has provided him with a strong foundation to launch his own venture. Upsite Consulting was founded after he paddled in various jobs and worked with some of the leading companies worldwide. He started his career in Germany and later moved on to the US, where he worked for many years. Since 2009, he has resided in the Middle East; and is currently in Bahrain.

His eagerness to excel is what is said to have driven Upsite Consulting to its present position,
where its professional services can be offered to worldwide customers.
Along with managing Upsite Consulting, he also provides professional consultancy to clients in regards to
Business Process Management (BPM) and related services for their business.


We provide professional consultancy services for projects in supply chain management. We combine business and IT capabilities to optimize processes and drive your supply chain to excellence. We are always looking at the “big picture” and the end-to-end relations within your organization as well as third party relations, and we advise you on how to achieve cost reduction and drive your business to better performance. We do not stop with delivering concepts and strategic advice. We are aiming to work with clients in a highly collaborative environment to guide and support the whole lifecycle of change. Our partners and experts have comprehensive knowledge in how to set-up and control supply chain processes across all branches, especially chemicals, consumer goods, metals, paper and textile. 

Our business consultants deliver answers and solutions for questions like ... 



As an international acting consulting company, we offer a wide range of IT consulting services.
Our SAP Consulting services focus on creating business value by providing appropriate implementation to your organization. With proven expertise and methodologies, we ensure successful project completion which turns into supply chain excellence.
In addition to implementing SAP solution, we also support you with the development of individual solutions for critical and specific business processes at your company. Based on our many years’ experience and industry specific knowledge, we advise our customers to establish best practices processes and solutions. 
To support your business processes the best we can along the entire supply chain, the right selection and implementation of ERP system is essential. To achieve your strategic goals and keep processes optimized, the proper introduction of an ERP solution helps to meet these challenges.
Business process management (BPM) summarizes a holistic approach to align an organization's business processes. It has to be considered as a management discipline that provides governance for business processes to become more effective and efficient. Understanding BPM as a management disciple, it employs methods and conventions to optimize business processes continuously.Michael Hammer is the driving force behind the business process reengineering and the process enterprise concepts (Process World). Following his words ….
1.     “A bad process is better than no process!”
2.     “A good process is better than a bad process!”
3.     “Even a good process can be made better!”
... we do our best to drive your process improvement initiatives to excellence, from strategy right the way to implementation. Business strategy must be healthy, elaborated and well described to provide a framework for core process and allow the creation of processes aligned with the business goals.
Managing the input and output based on the business processes, we do not look at a single organizational level, but instead at the end-to-end processes from the supplier throughout the entire organization to the customer. It’s about managing the improvement and optimization potentials of your company’s core competencies by transforming the underlying business processes.   

our working process in 3 steps

We are striving to providing quality solutions and services efficiently so that our clients can achieve their business goals. 


planning & strategy

planning & strategy

We provide professional consultancy services.



Combining Business, Process and IT Consulting approach, we know how to drive your Supply Chain to Excellence.



we keep on exceeding customer expectations and always demonstrate a high level of customer satisfaction.